FishCat Animation Data Content Management System

The FishCat system provides a complete data animation production pipeline to manage all aspects of a stop frame shoot. From launching shots, rendering of raw images to  delivering 1080p movies to the edit suite, the system manages workflow, filenaming and all aspects of content transfer from the studio floor to production and back. An intuitive, searchable, multi-platform database front end is provided to give all users quick ways to access created content. Comprehensive reporting gives production teams scheduling information such as frame rates per day, week or month.

The service we provide is based on the customer’s requirements and each system, whilst built around a set of core functions, is customized to each production’s unique set of circumstances. The Fishcat system is not just a product but a service based on decades of experience in the stop frame animation industry.



Typical system requirements for a FishCat system

Edit Reader goat

Edit Reader. A must-have bolt-on.


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